Dr Sara & Partners

Renewable Energy (Solar, Biogas, & Carbon Footprint Reduction)

Growth in Population and Economic Development increases the consumption of energy sources. Dr Sara & Partners has been trusted as an expert in the field of renewable energy generation by providing reliable and innovative energy solutions.

Dr Sara & Partners have qualified team with certified personnel registered with Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia for the exploration and enhancement of renewable energy source using Solar Photovoltaic systems and biogas. We also develop project components with in Carbon Footprint reduction.

In global situation where rising Carbon Dioxide poses major affects to the earth, people and environment, Carbon Footprint reduction able to subside the emission levels by incorporation of sustainable development. We can advise the best method of reducing carbon footprint in a project which environmental friendly and also cost saving.

Solar Photovoltaic systems and biogas are highly attractive. In addition, the adoption of Renewable Energy is the direct way to reduce carbon emission that contributes to global warming and climate change.

We provide the renewable energy for:

  • Public and government agencies
  • Property owners, developers, and tenants
  • Contractors
  • Land owners